Hourly Phone Support

For businesses that require immediate 24/7 phone support in order to troubleshoot mission critical and service effecting issues systems or network issues.

Project Management

For businesses that require planned project support for an upcoming event or migration. Unlike hourly support billed by the hour, projects are fixed price based on completion.

Unbeatable Expertise

We wouldn't offer our services if we weren't 100% certain that we can solve your problem. Since 1998, Essenz, Inc. has helped build ISPs and startups, manage risk and failure for Fortune 1000 companies, and resolve critical issues for hundreds of organizations. Our core staff has an expert level of mastery in all aspects of modern Systems and Network Engineering. When you contact us, rest assured, we are not going to bill you excessively or waste your time. What we will do is solve your problem quickly and affordably and, hopefully, convert you into a customer for life.

Why Choose Us?

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About Essenz

Essenz was created to provide world class remote IT support solutions and has been a leader in the industry since 1998.

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Why use Hosted PBX and VoIP over traditional PRI or POTS line?

Both speed and reliability of broadband internet access, including Cable and FiOS, has dramatically changed over the past few years. Today, your FiOS connection at the office may be more reliable then a traditional voice or data T1. VoIP has also come a very long way in its development, and the majority of voice traffic is now going over SIP. POTS lines and other forms of analog voice service are the minority while they remain expensive and become increasingly unreliable. When you business moves ahead with newer technology that offers more flexible options, you are gauranteed to succeed. Make the switch today, VoIP has become the new standard for business calling, dont get left behind.

Businesses save money when they go to an unlimited calling model and move away from traditional metered calling rates.

For every dollar you spend on traditional voice services, you will see a savings of at least 40% on monthly recurring usage charges. That doesn't even begin to account for hardware cost savings by eliminating the need for CPE and an onsite PBX. Get an online price quote now.

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